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  World War Two

  • A Brief History Of 853 Royal Naval Air Squadron, December 1943 - May 1945.
    Avenger Pilot H. J. C. Spencer tells the story of 853 Composite Naval Air Squadron from its formation in the USA to disbandment after VE Day.

  • HMS VERNON (R) - the story of the Torpedo, Mine & Electrical training establishment  at Roedean, Brighton during WW2

    [Last updated 07 August 2011]

  • HMS KING ALFRED -  the story of the RNVR Officer training establishment at Hove, East Sussex during WW2
    [Last updated 17 September 2010]

  • HMS LIZARD - a brief account of the Combined Operations Landing craft base at Shoreham, East Sussex during WW2   
    [Last updated 19 November 2013]

  • H.M.S. TAMAR- a history of the Royal Naval base at Hong Kong.

  • The Avro Lancaster Bomber in RN Service - an account of the handful of Lancaster bombers operated by 780 Squadron from Royal Naval Air Station Peplow, Shropshire during 1946.

  • An analysis of the loss of HMAS SYDNEY By David Kennedy
    In his analysis of the factors surrounding the sinking of HMAS Sydney in November 1941 David Kennedy looks at what part Churchill’s personality may have played in her loss. It is known that Churchill was very anti-Australian, a trait which presented itself during WW1, he was also a very secretive man who ruthlessly controlled the flow of military intelligence as Prime Minister during WW2. These two factors together may have seriously compromised the safety of commonwealth warships, especially in relation to German disguised raiders.

  • Eleven months aboard HMS INDOMITABLE  
    One sailors diary of his first eleven months at sea on the new Fleet Carrier HMS INDOMITABLE covering September 1941 to August 1942 - combined with another sailors photographs this gives an insight into the  first year of the ship's commission.

  • 'Hove's Adopted Submarine' H.M.S. UNBEATEN
    A short article about the U-Class submarine 'adopted' by the borough of Hove after a successful National Savings 'Warship Week' campaign in the spring of 1942.

  • Admiralty Wi/T Training School, Brighton
    A short account of the RN school for training ratings of the Telegraphist (Specialist) branch during World War Two

  • The Flower Class Corvette HMS FRITILLARY
    A short history of the ship that served in the South Atlantic and Indian oceans as an anti-submarine vessel and  convoy escort.



Post World War Two



Naval Establishments




  • The story behind my sea chest
    After inheriting a genuine Royal Navy sea chest Dr. Christian Strutz set about tracing its origins. He discovers that was made for Ralph Abercrombie Otto Brown R.N who achieved the rank of Rear Admiral in Queen Victoria's Navy..



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