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H.M.S.  LCH-101


Photographs cutesy of Mr. Tony Bull: Tony's grandfather George Markland served on LCH-101 from her transfer to the RN until leaving her in Ceylon after VJ Day to return home for demob.


Lieutenant Basil Matthiae, RNVR Commanding Officer LCH-101 with her crew circa April 1945. Seaman George Markland is seated far left holding a monkey on his lap.


Above & Below: Two starboard side views of LCH-101 operating in the Indian Ocean during 1945.


A Sub-Lt. questions a Japanese P.o.W. aboard LCH-101 while members of the crew look on.



 LCH-101 (far left of shot) comes alongside the Landing Craft Administration v

essel LCQ-391(cneter vessel?) to embark senior officers.



A member of the crew stretching his legs at sea in the Indian Ocean.


LCI(L)s in formation, as seen from the deck of LCI(L)-101? It is assumed that this photo was taken before she was converted into a Headquarters ship.



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Dennis Cortis (Balingup, Australia) says...

This was my Father's ship RN commando and Leading seaman Percy Cortis. I have Photos of crew and the LCH101.

Any information about dad and his ship would be very welcome. I don't think these things should be easily forgotten.

9th January 2015 2:06am
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