The small ferry crew that formed the ship's company of HMS PATROLLER in her first period of service Nov 43 - Mar 44.

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Honour Guard, Scotland C.1945 (X marks Stoker Ernest Rogers)


Captain J.I. Robertson RN meets the winning Deck Hockey team – May 1946.

(JX552565 Fitter James Harkness is wearing gaol keeper pads)




Members of the engineering department pictured in Colombo c.1945 (X marks Stoker Ernest Rogers)




P/KX 565090 AB Stoker Ernest Rogers




Six shipmates c.1946 - AB Clive Frederick Stokes is in the canter of the group. Photo courtesy Paul James Newton




Crossing the line certificate of Francis Nulty who crossed the equator for the first time on route to Australia. (Author's collection)



Unless stated otherwise all photos are courtesy of Malcolm Rogers, his step-father Ernest Rogers served on Patroller as a Stoker.

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