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Pages recalling the service lives of f individuals who served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and WRNS.


World War One





  World War Two


  • Leading Seaman Kenneth Oakley Royal Navy Commando
    A tribute page and gallery about Ken's time as an assistant to RN Beach Masters on invasion beaches during WW2.

  • Telegraphist (S) Clifford Dennison
    Trained as a specialist Telegraphist Clifford found himself at a remote radio station in India working as part of the naval signals intelligence organisation based at HMS Anderson in Colombo, eavesdropping on Japanese morse code transmission.

  • WRNS Ldg Officer's Steward Lois Lade
    A short piece about Lois; time as an 'immobile' Wren working at HMS Vernon (R) in Brighton during WW2

  • WRNS Torpedoman Barbara Sugden   
    Barbara enlisted in the WRNS with no expectation of what role she would play in the war effort; imagine her surprise when she was allocated to a branch newly opened to women. She was to train as a Torpedoman and soon found herself working on depth charges and gyro compasses, sometimes even at sea.

  • Wren Anne McCormick  
    A brief account of an accident in 1943 which claimed the lives of 8 WRNS ratings and how one of these young women is still remembered to this day.


  • Lieutenant W.A. Clarke, RNVR (A)
    Joined the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve as a direct entry for service in the Air Branch. Saw combat with No. 879 Seafire squadron on board the escort carrier HMS ATTACKER.

  • Lieutenant Patrick Corfe Cother, RNVR DSC
    A brief account of his  WW2 career with Atlantic escort  groups.

  • Lieutenant Pearce Trewhella Lovelock DSC, RNVR
    One of the first RNVR officers to see active service, Lt. Lovelock commanded several small ships and spent most of his service with the Eastern Fleet operating out of East Africa and Ceylon in minesweeping trawlers.

  • In search of Mike Cumberlege
    Robin Knight describes the life and death of an unsung British hero Lieutenant Mike Cumberlege D.S.O.* R.N.R.
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Post World War Two

National Service:

  • Leading Coder (S) Dennis Mills
    Dennis recalls his life in the royal navy as a national service entrant 1952-54, He trained as a Coder (Special) and served at H.M.S. Royal Albert in Germany before his demob and then ten years in the reserves.



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