709 Naval Air Squadron gallery

Images from the private collections of Third officer Clare Nepean.

Most of these images are sized to fit the screen, however where possible those containing groups of personnel will open large enough to see individuals. Many, but not all, of these images are available in larger, high-res versions and copies can be supplied upon receipt of a photo request.  If you have pictures or other memorabilia that you can contribute to this project please contact the Webmaster using the Offer of assistance form.

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School of Naval Air Warfare

Various groups of officers are featured here, few in these images are squadron regulars others are pupils attending the the school.


The officers of 709 squadron, March 2nd 1945. Group includes 3 Army liaison officers and 3 RAF officers. Third officer Clare Nepean is seated, canter, Lieutenant Commander W. C. Simpson, DSC RNVR, the squadron Commanding officer is seated to her right.

Personnel of 709 squadron, March 31st 1945. Group includes 4 RAF pilots and squadron SNCOs.

Squadron officers and pupils, date unknown.

 Squadron officers and pupils, date unknown.

Squadron officers and pupils, date unknown.

Squadron officers and pupils, date unknown.

Four unidentified S.N.A.W. pupils.

Squadron Christmas card for 1945.

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