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Unless stated otherwise all images in this gallery were supplied by Mr. George Billing formerly the C/MX578266 Captain’s Writer aboard HMS NABOB January 1944 - March 1945.



Starboard Broadside view of HMS NABOB shortly after commissioning



Capt. Horatio Nelson Lay OBE Commanding Officer HMS NABOB



Left: On the bridge of HMS NABOB - (L-R) B.W. Rose (D.L.C.O.), R.J.H. Stephens (Cdr Flying), & H.N. Lay ( Captain nRCN).  Right: Pilots of 852 squadron in the sircrew briefing room. photo: courtesy R Pullinger.


Left: (L-R) Writer A. Clarke, Ldg Writer ?, H.N. Lay ( Captain nRCN)., Paymaster Lt. Collins RCN; Right: The ahip's secretarial staff Back row left- CPO Potvin, seated far left- Writer A. Clarke.


The ship's mascots.




Working Up and Flying Exercises


One of 852 squadron's Wildcat fighters coming in to land , drifts to port and falls into the walkway.HMS NABOB Photos: Courtesy of Michael Pullinger


Avenger 1Z157 of 852 squadron misses all the arrestor wires and is caught by the barrier, when finally arrested she ends up on her nose.  Photos: Courtesy of Michael Pullinger


Left: 852 Squadron's Avengers lined up on deck. Right: A badly damaged Avenger is jettisoned overboard, from HMS NABOB, a common practice with lend-lease aircraft that were beyond economical repair.. Photos: Courtesy of Michael Pullinger


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