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An analysis of the loss of HMAS SYDNEY

David Kennedy explores the idea that the sinking of HMAS SYDNEY in November 1941 could be linked to Winston Churchill and his anti-Australian attitude. Could he have withheld vital military intelligence?

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An in-depth exploration of a subject which has seem controversy surrounding the battle, especially in the years before the two wrecks were located in 2008. So much so there have been two official reports produced by Australian government inquiries, published in 1999 and 2009 respectively. David however looks further into an area not often explored in the context of the clash between the HMAS SYDNEY and the German auxiliary cruiser KORMORAN.
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Topic: An analysis of the loss of HMAS SYDNEY
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Bonny Cother
Dec 2014
First Poster
Bonny Cother (Winter Haven) says...

I have photos of the memorial to the sinking of this ship, located in Geraldton, West Australia, it is amazing, looking out to sea and realizing so many lives lost through the deceit of the Germans. A place of quiet peace, with a sense of unseen eyes watching.

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