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The 'Ditty Box'

This section contains items that do not fall into the main categories these include small collections of photographs, memorabilia and ephemera.


H.M.S. ENTERPRISE delivers Emperor Haile Selassie to Haifa

A collection of 10 images showing H.M.S. ENTERPRISE delivering Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia and his forty-six person entourage to Haifa on May 8th 1936..

HMS OCEAN 1951 - 53

A collection of photographs, mainly from the private collections of CPO Baker and Able Seaman Hiles, showing the ship and her squadrons from commissioning at Malta to the end of the Korean war. Includes IWM film 'Korean carrier'.


Photos of the officers of the WW1 Cruiser HMS CONSTANCE

A small collection of photographs belonging to the late Paymaster Lt. Cdr E.N. Hopkins RN who served aboard HMS Constance in 1918.

Photographs from the album of Petty Officer Cyril Poole

Cyril served on HMS Berwick in the mid-1930s on the China Station. He was lost when HMS Wryneck was sunk April 127th 1941

A collection of pictures showing HMS WARSPITE on D-Day

A small collection of photographs belonging to the late Roland Bennett who served aboard HMS Warspite.



A short poem written by a crew member of the destroyer HMS Partridge recalling her experiences with Malta convoy duty in June 1942.


Fleet Air Arm Veteran returns to Sembawang

A collection of photographs taken during ex-Leading Air Mechanic (Engines) Douglas ‘Shorty' Heath’s visit to the former Royal Navy Air Station at Sembawang, Singapore, H.M.S. SIMBANG. His visit was made while travelling with a party of 130 RN veterans who made the trip to Singapore to mark 65 years since the end of the war with Japan

HMS Slinger Association

John Lawson's pages devoted to the WW2 escort carrier on which he served during WW2 hoststed by the RNRA.



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