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Paymaster Lieutenant Commander Edward N. Hopkns

A short account of a naval carrier which began in 1896 and saw him serve in the troubles in Benin , the 4th Boxer Rebellion and the First World War.

Captain Ernest Stevenson, OBE, RN 1874 - 1925

He entered the RN at the age of 15, joining the training ship HMS BRITANNIA on January 15th 1889. He saw service from Aden to the Zambezi, the Cape of Good Hope to the China Station, and most points in between. he retired as a Captain in March 1923 and died at Wei Hai Wei on June 19th 1925.


Able Seaman Alfred Langrish, Sussex Division RNVR & the Royal Naval Division

An account of Alfred's time in the RND based around his service record. Transferred to RND November 4th 1914, fought at Gallipoli and on the Western Front, taken prisoner in March 1918 he was repatriated in January 1919.

Stoker (First Class) William Bowtle RN

The story of K.19516 William John Bowtle, RN, Stoker 1st Class, killed in action on 4th January, 1918, this is told in story form drawing on official and family sources to tell the story behind his death notice which appeared in ‘The Times’ 4th January, 1918.


WRNS Leading Officer's Steward Lois Lade

A short piece about Lois’ time as an 'immobile' Wren working at HMS Vernon (R), the requisitioned Roedean Girls School in Brighton during WW2


Leading Seaman Kenneth Oakley Royal Navy Commando

A tribute page and gallery about Ken's time as an assistant to RN Beach Masters on invasion beaches during WW2.


Leading Coder (S) Dennis Mills

Dennis recalls his life in the royal navy as a national service entrant 1952-54, He trained as a Coder (Special) and served at H.M.S. Royal Albert in Germany before his demob and then ten years in the reserves.

Lieutenant Claude ‘Mike’ Cumberlege RNR, DSO*

The wartime exploits and ultimate fate of a singular Royal Navy officer remained shrouded in mystery until files in the National Archives revealed an amazing story. Author Robin Knight describes the life and death of an unsung British hero.


Lieutenant Pearce Lovelock RNVR, DSC

One of the first RNVR officers to see active service, Lt. Lovelock commanded several small ships and spent most of his service with the Eastern Fleet operating out of East Africa and Ceylon in minesweeping trawlers.

Lieutenant W.A. Clarke, RNVR (A)

Known as 'Tony' or 'Nobby', he joined the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve as a direct entry for service in the Air Branch. Saw combat with No. 879 Seafire squadron on the escort carrier HMS ATTACKER during Operation DRAGOON, the invasion of Sothern France in August 1944.


Lieutenant Patrick Cother, RNVR DSC

A member of the Royal Naval Volunteer (Supplementary) Reserve he was called up on January 3 1940. After serving on some small vessels he went on to serve on the flower class corvettes HMS MALLOW, JONQUIL, NASTURTIUM, & AUBRETIA.


Leading Wireman (L) Jack Bailey Jones

This account of jack’s naval service is written by his three sons Brian, Peter and Barrie in April 2020, almost eighty years after Jack travelled to Malvern to begin an adventure that was to last for four and a half years. Jack served as a Wireman (Electrician) and received Torpedo and mine clearance trading.





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