The diary of Gunner August Joyce Halden,

Royal Marine Artillery


A.J. Halden in 1914

Covering December  1903 to August  1906

 Diary & scrapbook submitted by his grandson, Paul Lloyd and transcribed by RNRA volunteer Terry Rowan




 The diary begins at RM Barracks, Eastney and derails ports of call & travels from December 22nd 1903, In H.M.S. KING ALFRED, GLORY, ALACRITY & DIADEM, Taking passage to Hong Kong in the KING ALFRED he then joined the GLORY for service on the China Station.


 There are three Acrobat files available, the original scans of the diary, the transcribed version and a scrapbook compiled by another crew member and given to Gunner Halden.


Beware! some of the photos in the scrapbook show the brutal nature of life in China at the start of the 20th Century, including exacted criminals and battlefield dead.


Diary Transcript Scrapbook




Some of the Marine detachment H.M.S. DIADEM

landed on Stonecutter's Island, Hong Kong  April 1906.

Gunner Halden is in the lower image, laid down at the front on the right.

Photo: Mr. Paul Lloyd

Click image to see larger version




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