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Rum issue circa 1905
Swordfish with wings folded on the flight deck of H.M.S. Battler
H.M.S. Penelope gun crew posed with shell and charge
The survivors of the sinking of H.M.S. Ark Royal arrive at Lee-on-Solewnt
Royal MArine commandos exit a Wessex helicopter of 845 squadron
No. 1 Company Sussex Division RNVR with firld gun circa 1910
Wardroom staff H.M.S. Vernon 8R) 1944
New entrant tranees mess deck at H.M.S. Ganges
Nem of the Levant Schooner Flotilla Circa 1944


A collection of materials
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The Royal Navy Research Archive aims to provide virtual museum, giving access to a range of web materials related to RN ships, establishments, units, and personnel, primarily from the start of World War One through into the 21st century. Content includes articles, short histories and the reminiscences of the men and women who served in the Royal Navy, WRNS, and Royal Marines.

Our Web Sites

We currently have five stand-alone web sites which cover a wide range of Royal Naval history from 1938 to the present day

The MONAB Story

Setting up MONAB 5
A history of the mobile airfields of the Royal Navy - nine Mobile Naval Air Bases and one Transportable Aircraft Maintenance Yard operated during the last years of World War 2 supporting the British Pacific Fleet.

RN Escort Carriers

H.M.S. Thane alongside a jetty
The histories of the 45 vessels of this type to serve with the Royal Navy - 39 U.S. & 6 U.K. built, based on merchant hulls adapted to operate as small aircraft carriers, they serviced in all theatres of the war, in a variety of roles.

RN Air Squadrons

Wessex helicopter of 845 squadron
Since 1938 there have been nearly 250 Naval Air Squadrons, including 100 second line squadrons, 137 first line squadrons and 12 Reserve units. Some have enjoyed long serve, some several incarnations, others were short lived.


Fleet Air Arm Bases

N.A.E.U. Colombo emtrance
This site covers all Fleet Air Arm establishments, both at home and overseas, including Air Stations, Air Sections, Air Maintenance & Repair Yards, Lodger units at RAF bases, and training establishments.

BPF and EIF Fleets

Sunmarines alongside a jetty
The British Pacific & East Indies Fleets, were an international mix of men, Warships, Auxiliaries, Air squadrons, and Shore bases formed in August 1944 to prosecute the war against the Japanese on two fronts.

RNRA Forum

Forum inage
The RNRA Forum offers a digital community where users can post questions, share experiences and upload resources to share with others. Please directl enquires not covered in ‘Looking for answers?’ to the Forum.



More Content

The categories below offer access to a variety of self-contained web pages focusing on an individual service history, the story of a Naval establishment or ship, personal journals and reminiscences. The earliest content is from the 19th Century, other material from the 20th Century includes items from both World Wars and the Korean War.


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